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It’s officially summer, and you’re probably wondering what type of manicure to try out for the new season. While there surely are a  lot of options out there, we’re here to recommend you something new and exciting: getting a SNS Manicure. First, let us explain what this means: it’s a type of manicure that requires repeatedly dipping your nails in colored powder, and allowing them to dry down into a matte finish. Sounds awesome right? Not only that, but there’s no UV light in the process, so this means healthier nails as well!

Now, let’s get down to the design ideas. For this summer, think of shades of orange, yellow and of course, purple. Purple is extremely popular at the moment, so you might want to give it a try and experiment a bit with this color. If you prefer natural looking nails, try a SNS French manicure, but make it unique with a pop of color, such as bright outline of the nail or a thin line across it. Again, we suggest you go for a color that attracts attention (it’s summer, we love some fun detailing!).

If you want something classy, you can try out an ombre effect. We know it’s prom/wedding season and it’s the perfect opportunity to play with designs. You can also try out duochrome nails! Just like with regular manicures, you can choose to add a top coat of shimmer to make those nails truly pop-out. Think of nude nails with a shiny golden touch to them, or white nails with a top coat of blue and pink shimmer for that mermaid-inspired look.

Some women prefer not to get such designs because they think the process will take much longer. However, this is not the case with SNS, since you don’t have to worry about certain steps such as adding primer or exposing your nails to the UV Light. You get a relaxing experience and beautiful nails without having to wait for hours!

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