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Eyelash Extensions Scottsdale AZ

Imagine waking up to longer, thicker and more voluminous eyelashes every morning. No need for an eyelash curler or clumpy mascara. You’ve come to the right place! At Luxe Nails & Spa, let our experts consult you on our different style lashes and find the perfect match for you.

Are you in the market to enhance your natural beauty without breaking the bank?

You are in luck! We all have heard the old age adage that eyes are the window to the soul… so why not adorn those peepers with some beautiful, natural-looking eyelash extensions? Luxe Nail Salon & Spa has top-notch service to deliver all your eyelash extension needs! We have much more to offer you than just the best SNS nails in Arizona. We offer the best eyelash extensions in Scottsdale, and soon to be, Gilbert, Arizona.

Why Get Your Eyelash Extensions from Luxe Nails & Spa of Scottsdale?

At Luxe Nails & Spa, we work exclusively with the best of the best in the beauty industry to provide you the utmost best eyelash extensions in the game. Our lashes are individually applied by our expertly trained technicians to create a youthful, rested, and full eyes that we all wish for and spend thousands of dollars on makeup to create. Imagine waking up already ready for the day!

Are you tired of waking up with thin, dull, lifeless eyelashes?

Do you dream of having thick, full lashes that everyone will notice? Eyelash extensions are for you! We offer the highest quality products with expert lash administrators that work at our convenient locations. We pride ourselves in being the best salon in Scottsdale. No longer will you have to aimlessly search for the “best salon near me.” You deserve a set of luxurious lashes that are worthy of you batting your eyes toward. Join the incredible trend of upping your beauty regime and routine with a set of lovely lashes!

Best Eyelash Extensions in Scottsdale

The entire process of receiving a set of eyelash extensions is quite luxurious. You will be brought back into our signature eyelash extension room with a calming atmosphere to discuss your desired eyelashes. You can actually take a nap while one of our certified eyelash extension technicians applies your flutterers in about an hour. Leave the dirty work to us to create a magnificent beauty transformation that can last up to one month without any refills!

Cut Your Beauty Regimen Time in Half!

Are you constantly in a rush and never seem to have enough time to get yourself ready in the morning? Have no fear! The best lash extensions will allow you the ability to create the beauty appearance of your dreams without breaking the bank or having to get up 2 hours early. Think of it as a form of “semi-permanent” mascara, requiring absolutely effort whatsoever. With our gorgeous eyelash extensions, you may never need to buy mascara again!

Our Incredible Eyelash Packages

We offer several wonderful eyelash extension packages at our beautiful salon.

Full Set of EyeLashes

  • Our Classic eyelashes are our most popular, standard set of eyelash extensions and begin at the reasonable price.
  • Our Volume 2D/3D lashes are a step above the Classic lashes.
  • Our most luxurious set of lashes are Volume 4D/8D and are offered to you for the incredible price.

Glamorous Eyelashes

Whether you are looking to make your beauty routine easier and more efficient or wanted to create that glamorous, cat-eyed look with ease, Luxe Nail Salon & Spa has the best eyelash extensions for you! We beat our competitors by offering the most desired lashes that every celebrity viably endorses. Come to join the glamorous life with Luxe Nail Salon & Spa, your one-stop all-things-glamour shop!

Book your next appointment so you can join in the best eyelash extension salon in town! Luxe Nails & Spa offers a full-range salon including best SNS nails, mani and pedi service in their popular nail salon in Scottsdale. Make your peepers pop with our incredible lash packages. Contact Luxe Nails & Spa at (480)306-8668 to amp up your beauty game!

Host Your Next Event at Luxe Nails & Spa!

If you are planning an event to mark a major milestone, to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday or bridal party, or want to host a corporate event that’s truly unique, we encourage you to consider hosting your event at our salon. Please speak to a manager for special promotions and discounts we may be offering.

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