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Your nails are one of the first things that people notice about you. When your nails are well-groomed and nicely manicured it improves your entire overall appearance. The best way to get a good manicure is at a salon such as Lux Nails in Arizona. There are some tips to getting a good manicure. Before you get started it is helpful to understand the types of manicures that are available.

Types of Manicures at Lux Nails in Arizona

There are several types of manicures that you can get at Lux Nails in Arizona. Most people are familiar with the two most common kinds of manicures because they have been available for a long time. A traditional manicure uses shellac or painted polish. This type of polish comes in a wide range of colors and dries to a hard finish. It can sometimes take some minutes for this type of polish to dry. While it is drying you cannot touch the nail or it will ruin the finish.

A more recent type of manicure utilizes gel polish. Gel polish is applied to the nail and is activated with UV light. This causes the gel to dry to a glass-like appearance. Gel nail polish is now available for home use but does not utilize the same type of light to activate. Like shellac, gels are available in a wide range of colors. Many people feel that gel manicures last longer than traditional shellac polish.

The latest type of manicure is called Signature Nail Service, SNS. With an SNS manicure the nails are dipped into powder colors until they reach the desired look. The powder is fortified with calcium and vitamin E so it can actually help your nails grow stronger. The powder is healthier because it allows your nails to breathe. SNS manicures last about twice as long as traditional shellac or gel manicures.

Tips for Getting a Manicure

It is best to schedule your manicure at a time that is convenient for you. You don’t want to feel rushed. Instead, you can allow the experience of getting a manicure to be soothing and relaxing. When you get a manicure you may also want to get a pedicure at the same time. At Lux Nails in Arizona we use comfortable pedicure chairs that have disposable jets and liners. This means that you can be assured that your pedicure will always be done in the most sanitary conditions possible.

Before you go to your appointment, consider the color that you want the technician to use. This will help narrow down the choices when you’re at the salon. Always choose a salon with qualified nail technicians so you can be certain that the proper techniques will always be used. Implements and tools should be properly sanitized before each use or new disposable tools should be utilized. If you want to get tips or extended nails you should let the salon know when you make the appointment so that they allot the proper amount of time for your visit. A manicure might also include a hand massage to improve circulation and give you a relaxing experience. Schedule an appointment today for a manicure or pedicure of your choice.  

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